Dr. David E. Rosenberg--Water Resources Systems Analysis for Today and Tomorrow

Associate Professor

Contact Info

205 UWRL / 213 ENGR
tel: 435.797.8689
fax: 435.797.1185

Postal Address

Dept. of Civil & Env. Eng.
4110 Old Main Hill
Utah State University
Logan, UT 84322-4110

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Old water meters and registers, Park City, Utah, August 2017

Chris Ford presenting his iFellow research at iUTAH Symposium, July 2017

Nour Atallah testing new registers on a 4" compound meter, Utah Water Research Lab, March 2017

Todd Brown presenting his flow-stage measurement uncertainty work at the iUTAH summer symposium, July 2016

Research group field trip to Last Chance Canal, July 2016

Measuring flow on Bear River, Utah-Idaho border, August 2015

Sunset on the Bear River, Utah, August, 2015

Adel Abdallah giving a workshop on the Water Management Data Model (WaM-DaM), CUASHI Annual Conference, July 2015

Adda River high head hydropower generation facility as part of travel-by-bike trip, Valtalina, Italy, July 2015

Low head hydropower generation facility as part of travel-by-bike trip, Adda River just upstream of Tirano, Italy, July 2015

Left: Fedaia dam and reservoir with Marmolada in background (March 2015); Right: before the dam and reservoir (1932), Dolomites, Italy

Research group ski day, Beaver Mountain, February, 2014

Measuring flow on the Cub River, Utah, May 2013
Measuring flow on the Cub River, Utah

Measuring snow density at an NRCS snotel site in Logan Canyon, February, 2013

Group snowshoe hike up the trail from the snotel site, February, 2013

Short hike on Angel Island, Great Salt Lake, Utah, August, 2011
Water Treatment plan

Ozonator, Point-of-the-Mountain Water Treatment Plant, Utah, August, 2011
Water Treatment plan

Water conserving cats, August, 2011
Water conserving cats

Trying to ski avalanche debris, Logan Canyon, UT, May, 2011
Avi debris

Skiing and flooding, Cache Valley, UT, May, 2011 Flooding

Skinning up to..., Bear River Mountains, UT, April, 2011
Climbing smithfield canyon

Discussing fish flow releases with Fremont-Madison Irrigation District general manager and Henry's Fork Foundation conservation biologist at Island Park Reservoir, Henry's Fork, ID, August 2010 Island Park Reservoir, ID

Center pivot irrigation systems for potato farming, research group field trip to Henry's Fork, ID, August 2010

Research group field trip stop at Upper Mesa Falls, Henry's Fork, UT, August 2010

Canoe camping on Jackson Lake, WY, June 2010

Research group field trip to gateway turbine, Weber Basin Water Conservancy District, Weber Basin, UT, May 2010 Gateway Turbine

Willard Bay Reservoir, UT, May 2010

Backcountry skiing in the Wellsville Mtns overlooking Logan, UT, April 2010

Research group ski trip to Beaver Mountain Ski Area, UT, February 2010

Research group field trip to Cokeville Meadows Bird Refuge, WY, August 2009

Bicycling from Mountain View, WY back to Logan, July, 2009

Sea kayaking in Resurrection Bay, Seward, Alaska, May 2009

Backcountry ski tracks near Bunchgrass Yurt, Bear River Mtns, UT, March 2009

Chopping wood at Steam Mill Yurt, Bear River Mtns, UT, March 2009

Canoeing the Bear River near Benson, UT, August 2008

Ovoo (religious cairn) above Buddhist monastery nerar Orhon River, Mongolia, April 2008

Morning paddle on Lake Solono, CA, Dec 2006

Tele skiing the Hotlum-Bolum glaciers on Mt. Shasta, CA, July 2005

Burqa castle and reservoir, eastern Badia desert, Jordan, Dec 2005

Remnants of churches near Madaba, Jordan, Dec 2005

Water truck refilling rooftop tank in Amman, Jordan, Dec 2005

Rappelling down the Mujib canyon, Jordan, Summer 2004

Tour of Wadi Musa waste-water treatment plant, near Petra, Jordan with Dr. Samer Talozi, Summer 2004

Bowling with 3000-yr cannonballs at Shobak Castle, southern Jordan, Summer 2004