Dr. David E. Rosenberg--Water Resources Systems Analysis for Today and Tomorrow

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205 UWRL / 213 ENGR
tel: 435.797.8689
fax: 435.797.1185

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Dept. of Civil & Env. Eng.
4110 Old Main Hill
Utah State University
Logan, UT 84322-4110

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Models and Code

We are in the process of making our models, code, and data open so that others can access and use these tools to further the practice of #OpenScience. Below is an inventory of the repositories where our models, code, and data are available for download. Licensing restrictions are listed in the repositories.

Project Description Publication Software Language Repository
(STochastic Residential water End-use Model)
Synthetic generation of residential end uses of water at a user-specified temporal scale from seconds to days. Cominola, Giuliani, Castelletti, Rosenberg, Abdallah (In press) Matlab 2016a PDF Text
(Watershed Area of Suitable Habitat)
Identify reservoir releases, diversions, and vegetation management to maximize aquatic, floodplain, and impounded wetland habitat quality and area. Includes open WASH web map to view results. Alafifi and Rosenberg (submitted) GAMS, R, ArcGIS Online PDF Text

PDF Text
Monthly Paleostreamflow Reconstruction Reconstruct monthly streamflows directly from annual streamflow reconstructions, El Nino and Pacific Decadal climate indexes, and regional tree-ring chronologies. Includes Paleoflow Web App to view results. Stagge, Rosenberg, DeRose, Rittenour (2018) R PDF Text
PaleoFlow App
ECSTATIC Teaching Repository Use the ECSTATIC repository to find, access, and contribute excellent and innovative water resources systems analysis teaching and communication materials. Rosenberg et. al (2017) Bepress Digital Commons Webpage
RANK Tool to identify and rank stable, topological significant, and redundant nodes in water resource networks and guide detailed simulation modeling Meeks and Rosenberg (2017) Excel PDF Text
SWAMPS (Wetland Water and Vegetation Management) Quantifies the weighted suitable habitat area for priority bird species in diked wetlands and embeds this hydro-ecological performance metric as an objective function in an optimization model to recommend water allocation and invasive vegetation control to improve wetland habitat. Alminagorta, Rosenberg, and Kettenring (2016) GAMS and Matlab PDF Text
Blended Near-Optimal Tools New near-optimal alternative generation, visualization, and interaction tools to find preferred near-optimal alternatives to linear and mixed-integer optimization problems Rosenberg (2015) Matlab 2013a PDF Text
WaM-DaM (coming soon) Water Management Data Model to organize, share, and publish water management data and overcome the sematic and syntactic heterogeneity of water management data Abdallah and Rosenberg (2014) SQL Server
VLE Landscape Lifecycle Analysis Spreadsheet model calculates the total costs, water, labor, fuel, energy, pesticides, fertilizers, hydrocarbons, and particulates of a user-specified residential or commercial landscape over its life. Rosenberg et al. (2011) Excel Excel
Reservoir Phosphorus Removal Simple linear optimization program to identify cost-effective practices to reduce phosphorus loading in Echo Reservoir, Utah Alminagorta et al (2013) GAMS PDF Text
Water Supply/Demand for a City Stochastic mixed-integer optimization identifies the supply and conservation actions for a municipal water system to cost-effectively accommodate a distribution of water shortages. Data for Amman, Jordan. Rosenberg and Lund (2009) GAMS PDF Text