Dr. David E. Rosenberg--Water Resources Systems Analysis for Today and Tomorrow

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T/TH 1:30 to 2:45 PM
401 ENGR


205 UWRL/213 ENGR

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T/TH 4:15 - 5:15 PM
in ENGR 213
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CEE 5460/6460 -- Water Resources Engineering

Fall 2012


To acquaint senior undergraduate and MS-level engineering students with the planning, design, policy, and management practiced by water resources engineers in the private and public sectors. This engineering course is largely problem- and design based. We will focus on a few, select water resources topics, including: water demands, water conservation, statistical analysis, rainfall and runoff, storm water management, water supply, reservoir operations, hydropower, water law, water economics, and decision analysis. Students will develop solutions to local, state, and regional water resources problems through individual and group work, discussion, and lecture.

Class Syllabus Syllabus

Class Format   Student Information Sheet  

Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Design Opportunities

Materials to help prepare and understand grading for PBL assignments

Materials to help develop a Wiki

Materials to help give a technical presentation

Facilitating a Class Discussion


Tentative Schedule (subject to change)

Date Topic Assigned Readings Lecture Handouts Course Work
Aug 28 Course intro; Water resources problems   What is Water Resources EngineeringPhotosPBL-1; Class Format  
Aug 30
Water uses and demand modeling Mayer et al; Linsley, ch 15.1 to 15.4 Water demand slides; Water demand notes  
Sep 4
In-class discussion PBL-1

Sep 6
No Class (CI-WATER symposium)

Sep 11
Value Landscape Engineering model use VLE manual (vers. 1.5) VLE slides; Example 1; Example 2
Sep 13 Water conservation
Vickers, 2001 handouts; Inman article
Water rate slides; Water conservation notes
PBL-1 part 1 DUE
Sep 18 Engineering economics (recall + extension) B/C Ratios
Eng. Econ notes; Examples
Sep 20 Rational Planning (FaC demo) Rational planning paper
Sep 25
Hydrology and precipitation
Linsley, ch. 5.1, 5.2, 5.5, 5.10
Hydrology-precipitation slides
Peer Review due
Sep 27
Rainfall-runoff Bedient pp. 119-134
Rainfall-runoff notes; Slides; Examples PBL-1 resubmit DUE
Oct 2
In-class discussion PBL-2  
Oct 4
SWMM model use SWMM manual SWMM slides; Ex 1 input file; Lundstrum park photo; Ex 1-worked

Oct 9 Low impact development techniques (Yang)
SWMM manual (p. 53-55 & 211-217); LID Design Manual (skim)
LID slides (30 MB)

Oct 11 Storm water management + design
SWMM manual (sections 3.2.6, 3.2.9, 3.4.5) SWMM LID/Detention Basin Slides; LID example input file (worked); Routing/Design Examples; Predevelopment input file; Post development input file; Routing input file
PBL-2 part 1 DUE
Oct 16 Storm water management design (cont); Cost estimation

Cost estimation notes

Oct 18 No Class (Friday Schedule for Fall Break)
Oct 23 Reservoir operations, yield, reliability analysis
Loucks, ch 11.2.2
Reservoir operations notes; slides
Oct 25 WEAP model use WEAP User's Guide
WEAP slides; Getting started; Lower Bear River WEAP area
Oct 30
Managing Cache County Water (Fotheringham & Slater)

Nov 1
In-class discussion of PBL-3

Nov 6
Working with WEAP (cont.)

Nov 8 Sensitivity analysis
Loucks, ch. 9.4.2 Uncertainty lecture notes; Uncertainty analysis examples
Nov 13
FaC: Conjunctive use Coe CU paper
CU slides

Nov 15 Artificial recharge
Bouwer paper
Artificial recharge notes

Nov 20
In-class discussion of PBL-4

Nov 22 No Class (Thanksgiving)
Nov 27
Utah water rights
Utah Code on Appropriation (Sect 73, Chapter 3, parts 1-10, and Chapter 3b); Utah Division of Water Rights webpage
Utah water rights slides
Nov 29
Course review and wrap up

Wrap-up handout
Draft wiki DUE
Dec 4
Aquifer storage an recovery in Cache Valley (Oaks)
Oaks Cross Sections 
Peer Review Form (pdf) (MS Word) Peer review DUE
Dec 6
Group time
Dec 11 (1:30-3:20 PM) Group Oral Presentations
    Final wiki DUE